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Investors and the Blue Economy

Investors and the Blue Economy


The transition from the current short-term, destructive approach to ocean assets towards a more climate-secure and sustainable Blue Economy presents a tremendous economic and sustainable investment opportunity. The public and governments are reacting to the dire state of the ocean; however, not much is known about investors’ awareness of the impact of their investments on the marine environment and how this may subsequently affect their portfolios’ performance and value. Therefore, we wanted to question whether conditions exist for private capital to flow towards a sustainable use of the ocean. And if not, what needs to change.


This report provides an overview and first assessment of the perceived investment risks and challenges in the fast-moving field of the sustainable Blue Economy and ocean-related investment. It also showcases some investible opportunities already providing solutions to ocean challenges. 


This report was produced in partnership with Credit Suisse, and is supported by UNEP FI, WWF and the European Commission.

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