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Sustainable Finance Careers

What is the standing of the Sustainable Finance and ESG community within the wider investment world?

What is this research about?

Responsible Investor, in partnership with the Sustainable Finance Network, is launching the first survey of the ESG and sustainable finance careers ecosystem as we look to find out:

“What is the standing of the sustainable finance and ESG community within the wider investment world?”

The report presents a snapshot of:

  • Comparable wages across the industry

  • Differences in pay by gender

  • How diverse is the sustainable finance industry?

  • How seriously do employers take their commitments to sustainability?

We think sustainability professionals should be properly valued for their work and have access to excellent opportunities for professional development.

More than 820 Sustainable Finance and ESG professionals have taken part in the survey. Read the exciting results in the full report.

What is this research about

Cohort overview

828 respondents                       

46 countries

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