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Careers in 


Investing and Sustainable 


Beat the crowd. Join the top talent.

A series of interviews with
ESG and RI professionals

 What is it all about? 

This set of interviews with selected professionals in the field will help you to navigate through the complexities and opportunities of getting a job and working in responsible investing and sustainable finance. 

 Who is this for? 

  • Undergraduates

  • Graduates 

  • Early career professionals

 Who have we interviewed so far? 

 Who is next? 

 What is next? 

We will be uploading new interviews every two weeks. Watch this space and stay tuned for further careers content!


Contact us!

  • Naomi Friend, Client Director, EQ Investors 



The latest jobs in ESG and Sustainable finance.

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Over 800 responses globally to the survey across a range of

experience and roles. 

The data in this report is meant to guide your own responses to some bigger questions: are you

valued for your expertise? Do you see a clear line of progression in your organisation? And is your senior leadership truly committed to sustainable finance?

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