Questions the report answers

How does the integration of ESG impact financial performance in practice?

At which steps do investors integrate ESG in their investment process?

First-hand experiences of the ‘ESG-journey’ from asset owners

What are drivers of and barriers to ESG integration?

How is ESG approached in DC pensions?

Is ESG influencing asset manager selection?

What is the role of consultants?

Do asset owners measure the non-financial impact of their investments?

What are the implications of ESG developments for future asset owner strategy?

and more...

If you are an asset owner, receive access to the report by taking part

This research initiative is ongoing for asset owners. If you are an institutional investor and want full access to the results, contribute to this exciting dataset by completing our 5min survey. To participate, just choose your preferred language below.

Once you have completed the survey*, please contact the research team for verification. You will not be able to access the full report unless verification is successful.

Download current data snapshots (in pdf format) here:

- Phase 1 - Europe

- Phase 2 - Americas

- Phase 3 - Asia / Oceania / Africa

Data protection

All respondents will remain anonymous and answers will be non-attributable. No details will be shared with any third parties and SSL encryption of all answers is ensured. However, respondents are asked to give the name of their organisation at the beginning of the survey, as this information is needed to verify the answers.

*All asset owners who took part in the survey will be sent their digital copy of the report starting w/c 17th June 2019. If you have completed the survey already but have not left your contact details with us, please reach out to us via email.


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